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What should I do?! Relationship advice in English

Actualizado: 5 dic 2022

My friend, Oscar, recently asked me for relationship advice. Find out what suggestions I gave him while also learning how to use different structures to give advice in English!

Oscar said that he and his girlfriend, Abby, couldn’t seem to agree on anything anymore. "I just don't know what the solution is Monica. "What should I do?" he asked me with a concerned look on his face.

"Well, what do you usually disagree about?” I responded.

He told me that they love watching movies together but they can never agree on what to watch. “She only wants to watch actions and dramas. I only like romantic comedies.” I responded, “You could(1) watch a dramedy.”

“What’s a dramedy?" Oscar asked me.

"It’s a comedy and a drama. That way you can both enjoy a movie together.” He seemed to like that recommendation.

Then, he went on to say that they love eating together but they always argue about whether they should go out or eat in. “If I were you, I’d (6) take turns going out and eating in.”

“I suggested that too!” Oscar said. “But then she gets home from work exhausted and she doesn’t want to go out and eat.”

“You might (2) try going out on the weekends and ordering delivery during the week,” I offered him another piece of advice. “I love that idea!” He excitedly replied.

“Well, recently we’ve had a much bigger issue come up,” Oscar confided in me.

He went on to say, “We’ve been arguing about where to take our next vacation. We've been budgeting and saving to take a trip together for the last two years. So, it's really important to both of us," he explained.

"I want to travel somewhere hot and tropical, so we can relax on the beach, and Abby wants to go somewhere cold and snowy, so we can go snowboarding.”

You could (1) go to Sierra Nevada in Spain. I’ve heard it’s really cool because you have the beach and ski slopes less than an hour drive from one another,” I suggested to Oscar. He said they already talked about going there but it wasn’t hot enough for him.

“Hmmmmm….” I thought out loud.

Oscar jokingly said, “Basically, we want to have our cake and eat it too.”

“I got it!” I announced enthusiastically. “I’d recommend (5) checking out southern California. Los Angeles can be your base camp where you have access to the beach and the mountains. You and Abby can suntan and relax at Malibu, Venice or Huntington Beach and go skiing in the San Gabriel Mountains, where they have Snow Summit and Bear Mountain ski resorts.”

“That’s perfect! I’m going to book the flights right now!” Oscar said as he jumped up to grab his phone.

“Whoa! You should (3) slow down. You’d better (4) check with Abby before you buy your plane tickets. She might have another idea in mind,” I recommended.

“Oh yeah, you’re right! Thanks for all your advice! I’m gonna go talk to her about our trip now!” Oscar said quickly as he ran out the door.

1. You could: podrías

2. You might: podrías

3. You should: debes

4. You’d better / you had better: deberías

5. I would recommend/suggest: yo recomendaría

6. If I were you, I would: si yo fuera tú, lo haría

What other topics do you want to learn about?! Write in the comments below or write me or @monicayourprofe and let me know!

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