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Travel light! Packing tips in English

There are two kinds of people, those who pack light and those who bring everything they could possibly need on their trip. If you like to be extremely organized and methodical about your packing read on. If you throw everything in your suitcase or bag “just to be on the safe side” then read on too! You can learn some packing tips AND travel terms in English...

As someone who loves backpacking in the mountains AND traveling, I have some experience with packing efficiently. I’m not saying that I do it all the time, but I try to as much as I can. Here are some tips to help you travel a little lighter on your next trip.

One of the best packing tips a friend gave me years ago was to only pack what I needed for one week. After I’ve decided what I need for one week then I lay all of my clothes on my bed. In order to travel quickly I always bring a backpack on my trips that are shorter than a few weeks. Once I have everything I need spread out on my bed I start to consolidate. I do this three or four times until I only have what I absolutely need for my trip. Usually, I end up packing half or a third of what I originally put on the bed.

I always look at what the weather is going to be like before I go to another place. I pack completely different when I’m going to Boise, Idaho to visit my family during the winter than when I pack for autumn in Mendoza, Argentina, rainy season in Cusco, Peru or summer in Santiago, Chile. Layers are my friend. Rather than packing a heavy, bulky winter coat I try to equip myself with a jacket to keep me dry, a sweater to keep me warm, and shirts I can use for more than one occasion. I also highly recommend using stuff sacks to organize your clothes and use as a dirty laundry bag while traveling.

Now, when I start to actually put everything in my backpack or suitcase, I try to think about what I need to access at the airport. I have all my liquids in a little bag so I can easily take it out when I have to go through the airport security. I also make sure that my laptop is easily accessible since some airports require you to take it out of your bag and put it on the baggage scanner. Additionally, I make sure that anything I’m going to need at the airport or I’m planning to use on the plane (my passport, wallet, phone, book/Kindle, earbuds, etc.) are easy to access as well. Of course, food is always on my mind because I don’t like to get hangry. So, I always have my meals or snacks (nuts, dried fruit, sandwich, etc.) in a readily available spot too.

Last but not least, the day I travel I always wear shoes that are easy to take off quickly, comfortable clothes and layers. This way, I can be prepared for whatever the temperature is on the plane and for going through security quickly. Safe travels!

What other topics do you want to learn about in English?! Write in the comments below or write me at / @monicayourprofe 😊

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