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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀Irish words and expressions in English

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (AKA St. Paddy's or St. Patty's Day) This Irish holiday is celebrated in the United States and more than 200 countries. In the United States we celebrate by having parades, wearing green clothes and decorating with shamrocks and leprechauns.

Let’s celebrate this lucky holiday by learning eight words and phrases we use in the United States that come from the Irish.

“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!” is a greeting used to wish someone a wonderful morning.

Hooligan is a violent troublemaker who fights or causes damage in public places.

Boycott means to refuse to buy products or take part in an activity (in order to express strong disapproval). This word came from Captian Charles Cunningham Boycott. He worked as an English land agent and became famous in Ireland.

Galore means in large numbers or amounts. For example, “There was food galore at the Thanksgiving dinner.”

We had a “whale of a time” means that we had a really great time.

Phoney refers to someone who isn’t sincere or is fake. For example, “I don’t enjoy spending time with my uncle because I think he’s phoney.”

Gawk means to look at something or someone in a rude or dumb way. For example, “The local people gawked at the foreigners when they walked in the restaurant.”

I’m knackered is a common way to say that you’re exhausted (note: the “k” is silent)

What else do you want to learn in English?! Write in the comments below or write me at / @monicayourprofe 😊

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