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Plebiscite vocabulary in English

This Sunday, September 4th is the national plebiscite in Chile. Everyone will be voting so let’s learn some vocabulary in order to have a conversation in English about this historical event.

Plebiscite (plebiscite): direct vote by the people of a country or region where they say whether they agree or disagree with a particular policy

Ballot (votación): piece of paper that lists all the options that can be voted for

Ballot box (urna de votación): container used to hold ballot papers

Bill (proyecto de ley): a written description of a new law that is being suggested. Lawmakers of the country must vote to accept this bill before it becomes a law

Bipartisan (bipartidista): when there is support by politicians from two different political parties

Constitution (constitución): document that states the basic laws that govern a country

Congress (congreso): the elected legislative branch of the government

Debate (debate): a discussion on a particular matter where people try to convince others that their opinion or belief is correct

Elect (elegir): to choose someone or something by voting

Federal government (gobierno federal): government at the national level (as opposed to the local level)

Law (ley): a rule that people must follow when they’re in a country

What other topics do you want to learn about?! Write in the comments below or contact me at, @monicayourprofe or

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