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Let’s Talk Apps!

Language learning apps are a great tool to help you learn and practice English. Although, it can be a bit overwhelming at times because there are so many! Here’s a short description about some great FREE language learning apps.

Speaking Apps


This app is wonderful if you’re looking for a native English speaking conversation partner.


· Communication with native speakers in English (via text, voice and video messages)

· Option to follow other language learners (similar to a social media app)

· Note: free version only lets you learn one language at a time (VIP allows you to learn



Another great app for chatting with a newly-made friend in English!


· Talk to people who have the same interests and passions as you

· Option to chat or send voice messages directly from your browser

Reading and Listening Apps

News in Level

One of my all-time favorites for any level of English language learner!


· Three different levels of English

· Option to read and listen to the article

· At the end of each article there’s a word list and definitions

Voice of America (VOA) Learning English

This app is perfect for you if you’re focusing on learning American English.


· Provides you with lots of story and news reports listening materials

· Audio player allows you to listen to the article and read aloud

· Audio speed is slow so it’s easier to understand

· Highlighted audio transcripts

· Provides a list of key words used in the story

Book Dash

If you like children’s storybooks then you’re in the right place!


· Over 200 African storybooks

· Available in 11 different languages

· You can access the stories online or on an Android app (doesn’t have an iOS)

Writing Apps

Prompted Journal

This app helps you “think” in English by writing about different topics.


· Access to your daily English journal

· Helps you find better ways to express your thoughts

· Provides you with a variety of ideas and topics to write about

Grammarly Keyboard

If you’re afraid of making mistakes then check out this app.


· Alerts you when you make a mistake

· Gives you a special keyboard for your smartphone

· Helps you correct punctuation and appropriate words for a specific text

· Keeps track of your mistakes to help you stop repeating them

Grammar Apps

Hello English

This is an especially great app if you’re a beginner English learner.


· Detailed English grammar tips

· Chat helpline (you can ask a teacher questions)

· Speech recognition software

· Audio dictionary

· Interactive lessons and games

English Grammar Book

If you learn well from textbooks then this is the app for you!


· Browsing option by topic or difficulty level

· Simple explanations for each subject that are also easy to understand

· Points and medals for finishing levels and quizzes

What other topics do you want to learn about in English?!

Write in the comments below or contact me at / @monicayourprofe 😊

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