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Idaho or bust! Travel terms

Actualizado: 23 nov 2022

Let’s go on a trip to Boise, Idaho! Whether you travel for work or pleasure it’s helpful to know some common travel terms before you set off (11) for your next trip. Read about my trip from Santiago to Idaho while also learning new words in English...

After I finished teaching yesterday I packed my suitcase and got an Uber to pick me up (1) from my apartment in Santiago. The Uber driver dropped me off (2) at the airport for my flight at 10:30 p.m. I got to the airport three hours early since I had an international flight. Luckily the check in (3) went smoothly and I was boarding (4) my flight in no time. The plane took off (5) at ten thirty sharp, just as planned.

I had a red-eye flight (9) from Santiago to Atlanta so I knew I probably wasn’t going to get much sleep. Luckily, I was able to watch one of my favorite movies, The Family Stone, so that made it go by a little quicker. The landing (6) was a little rough but we got in (7) to Atlanta as expected at 6am which gave me plenty of time to go through customs and check in (3) my luggage again. I had some time to kill so I looked around (8) at some of the airport shops and read a book for a little while.

I’m just about to board (4) the plane to my final destination…Boise! Fingers crossed, it’ll be a smooth flight and I'll be landing (6) in no time. I’m really looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving and having some downtime (10) with my friends and family in Boise. Next week we’ll talk about Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving so stay tuned!

1-Pick up (someone or something): recoger: to get someone or something from a place

2-Drop (someone or something) off: dejar: to take someone to a place and leave them there

3-Check in: registrarse/inscribirse: registering at a specific location (usually a hotel or airport)

4-Board: abordar: to get onto a ship, aircraft, train or bus

5-Takeoff: despegar: to leave, usually when an airplane leaves off the ground

6-Landing: aterrizaje: when an airplane arrives on the ground

7-Get in: llegar: to arrive at a destination

8-Look around: mirar alrededor: to explore or walk through an area (city, store, museum, etc.)

9-red-eye (flight): vuelo de noche: an overnight or late-night flight

10-downtime: tiempo de inactividad: time spent not working; free or leisure time

11-set off: partir/ponerse en camino: to begin a journey or trip

What other English topics do you want to learn about?! Let me know in the comments below or write me at / @monicayourprofe

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