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I think it’s gonna rain...

It looks like Santiago will be celebrating September 18th in the rain this weekend...So, do you want to know how to talk about the rain in English? Learn how to describe the rain by reading about my hike up Cerro Alto del Naranjo last weekend.

I got up early Sunday morning to hike Cerro Alto del Naranjo with a couple of friends. I noticed at seven o’clock when my alarm went off that it was misty(1) and sprinkling(2) a little outside. I was concerned that it was going to pour(6) while we were on our hike. When I got off at the Escuela Militar metro station to meet up with my friends, I noticed it was still overcast(3) and drizzling(4). Luckily, that didn’t stop us from hiking up Cerro Alto del Naranjo. We were very fortunate because normally this 11-kilometer hike (with an 800-meter elevation gain) has extremely limited shade. So, as we started our trek up the mountain, we all agreed that it was the perfect weather for a hike. Since it was only spitting(5) for most of our outdoor adventure we were able to see more than one owl, eagle and finch. Now, if it had been pouring(6) or raining cats and dogs(7) we definitely would’ve probably had to cancel our plans and take a raincheck for another weekend.

Finally, we made it to the top of Cerro Alto del Naranjo and we were able to sit down and enjoy our lunch. On the way back down the hill it started to sprinkle(2) a little but then for the last two hours of our trek the sun came out and we had a gorgeous view of the sunset. There wasn’t a downpour(8) after all and our day hike was a huge success! We had a blast and thanks to all of the exercise we did we were all able to sleep really well that night.

What other topics do you want to learn about?! Write in the comments below or contact me or @monicayourprofe and let me know!

1. misty: a cloud of tiny drops of water: brumoso o nublado

2. sprinkling: raining lightly: lluvia fina o llovizna

3. overcast: covering of gray clouds: Cielo nublado y cubierto

4. drizzling: very light rain: lluvia fina o llovizna

5. spitting: raining lightly: lluvia fina o llovizna

6. pouring: heavy rain: lluvia fuerte

7. raining cats and dogs: extremely heavy rain: lluvias intensas

8. downpour: sudden and unexpected heavy rain: torrential rain: lluvias torrenciales

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