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Horseback riding..."meet" vs "get together"

The view from the Inca Fortress, Pumamarca, at the top of the mountain was breathtaking! Learn how to you use “meet” and “get together” by reading about my experience horseback riding in the Peruvian Andes. Giddy up!

My friend, Corrine, and I decided to get together (4) last May for a horse-riding adventure in the Peruvian mountains. I met up with (1) her in Cusco early Saturday morning to take a shared taxi to the Sacred Valley town of Ollantaytambo.

The plan was for Corrine and I to meet up with (1) a Peruvian guide named Huaykia the Ollantaytambo Plaza to start our trek to the Inca Ruins. After we met (2) Huayki for the first time we walked to the base of the trail to meet (2) the horses. Luckily, both of us had experience riding so it didn’t take us too long to get on the magnificent creatures and start heading towards our final destination; the Puma Marca Fortress. Even though it was scary riding a horse on a narrow mountain trail alongside a cliff it was also very peaceful being in the forest and crossing the mountain rivers. We did meet (2) some friendly hikers along the way but the majority of the time we were the only ones on the trail all the way up to the ruins.

After half a day of riding horses in the hot mountain sun the three of us decided to get together (4) for a mouthwatering Peruvian meal and refreshing pisco sour. We also invited some friends to meet (3) us at a restaurant Huayki recommended that had a view of the sunset in the Sacred Valley in southern Peru.

  1. Meet up (with): to go to a place to be with someone or a group of people

  2. Meet : to be introduced to someone for the first time (past tense: met)

  3. Meet : to come together at a specific place and/or specific time

  4. Get together: to make plans to be with someone and to spend time with them

Now it's your turn! Practice using "meet up", "meet" and "get together" by writing example sentences in the comments below. What other topics do you want to learn about?! Contact me at, @monicayourprofe or

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