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Getting used to Chile

As many of you might already know, I lived in Santiago for a year and half before the pandemic started. Recently I came back to Chile and there are some things that I used to do, I’m used to and I’m getting used to. Read on to find out about how I’m adjusting to living here again...

Before the pandemic I used to have in-person English classes at offices, apartments and coffee shops. There were definitely major advantages and disadvantages to commuting to my English classes every day. At first it was challenging for me to travel from class to class by metro or bus each day but eventually I got used to the public transportation system in Santiago and planning ahead for any unexpected delays. Although, some days I would be traveling almost as much as I was teaching so by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Once the pandemic happened, I started teaching online classes. It took me a while to get used to teaching online instead of in-person. Since I used to spend three hours commuting from class to class most days I had to get used to not commuting and just teaching from home. I used to ride my bike and walk to some of my classes that were close to my apartment. So, when I started teaching online, I had to find another way to exercise daily since I wasn’t riding my bike or walking to my classes anymore.

After teaching online for over two years now I can finally say that I’ve gotten used to online classes. I go to the gym in the mornings, then I teach my classes and many times if I have a break in between classes I take a short walk to get out of my apartment for part of the day. I’m still getting used to being back in such a big city like Santiago again but I’m sure that slowly but surely, I’ll adjust to it. It helps that I have a great group of friends and wonderful students here in Chile.

used to: soler: something that existed or happened repeatedly in the past but no longer happens now

She used to be a nurse but now she’s a doctor.

We used to eat dessert every night but now we only eat it once a week.

be used to: estar acostumbrad@: be familiar with or be accustomed to

He was used to taking the metro to work every day before he bought a car.

Unfortunately, we’re used to working fifty hours per week.

get used to: acostumbrarse: become familiar with something or someone

I’m getting used to living in a big city.

She never got used to seeing so many homeless people begging on the street.

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