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Get on your bike! More phrasal verbs with "get"

“Let’s ride!” I yelled to my friend excitedly as we started pedaling up San Cristobal Hill last Sunday. Phrasal verbs with "get" are extremely common in English and they’can be challenging to understand at times. Read my story about biking up San Cristobal Hill AND learn seven common phrasal verbs with "get".

My buddy, Claudio, and I decided to meet at the Pedro de Valdivia entrance of San Cristobal Hill to ride our bikes up together. Unfortunately, I was late meeting him because my bike had a flat tire, so I had to stop at the gas station to pump up the tire before meeting him. Luckily, he was on “Chilean time” so he was late too (haha). I was a bit apprehensive about how hard it would be for me to bike up the hill since I had just gotten back into biking (1). Claudio was also just getting over (2) a cold so he said he’d probably be a bit slower than normal.

We greeted each other and caught up for a bit before we decided it was time to ride! We both got on (3) our bikes and started pedaling up the hill as we kept chatting about what was new in our lives. We were pleasantly surprised that neither of us had any trouble getting to (4) the top of the hill. It goes without saying, the view from the top of the hill was magnificent! Once we got off our bikes (5) at a lookout we could see the Costanera Center and the spectacular Andes Mountains behind it.

Despite the hot day (33 degrees Celsius / 91 degrees Fahrenheit) we were able to enjoy getting out (6) and exercising over the weekend. After we finished taking some time to appreciate the wonderful view we decided to get back on our bikes (3) and ride down to eat some well-deserved empanadas for lunch. After lunch, we both managed to get back home (7) at a decent hour so we could go to bed early and be ready for the work week to start on Monday. Naturally, we both slept like babies since we had a full day of exercise and fun!

1-Get back into: Volver a hacer una actividad que has dejado por un tiempo

2-Get over: superar

3-Got on (the bike): subirse a la Bicicleta

4-Get to (a location): llegar a una ubicación

5-Got off (the bike): bajar de la bicicleta

6-Get out: salir

7-Get back home: Volver a casa

What else do you want to learn about English?! Write in the comments below or write me at / @monicayourprofe 🙂

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