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Easter weekend at the beach! Making plans in English

Since April 7th is a holiday in Chile many of us will be taking time off and going somewhere for vacation. I’ll be visiting the Chilean coast with two of my friends. Read about our trip and learn some ways you can make plans in English.

My friends, Eva and Laura, both have birthdays the first week of April so we decided to take a trip over Easter weekend to celebrate! Here's how the planning conversation went...

“Let’s all go to the beach next month! Which dates work for you two?” (1) Eva asked Laura and me while we were drinking coffee together a few weeks ago.

I responded, “That’s a great idea! Especially since it’s been so hot in Santiago lately. It’ll be nice to get out of the heat for a weekend.”

“Well, how about (2) we go on the weekend of April 8th since we both have birthdays that week?! Are you two free then?” (3) Laura asked enthusiastically.

“Let me check my calendar,” (4) Eva said. All three of us took out our phones to look at our calendars and see if we had anything already planned for that weekend. After we all confirmed we were free Easter weekend we started looking at Airbnbs and hotels.

“Why don’t (5) we stay at this Airbnb?! It’s only a five-minute walk from the beach and it has a gorgeous view of the ocean!” Eva exclaimed as she showed Laura and me her phone.

“That looks spectacular! Are there buses that go to that beach or do we need to rent a car in Santiago and drive there?” Laura asked. At that moment we all started looking for bus tickets. Luckily, we were planning ahead so we found three without a problem.

We decided to leave for our trip to the coast Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm. “Let’s get together (6) at Eva’s place at around 1:00 or 1:30 pm so we can take the metro or an Uber to the bus station,” I said.

“Sounds like a plan!” Eva responded excitedly. Laura also chimed in and said, “This is gonna be a super fun birthday weekend!”

“What if (7) we go surfing or paddle boarding while we’re there?” I suggsted. Eva and Laura both agreed that they liked that idea so we continued to research some places that rent paddle boards or offer surfing lessons. It goes without saying, all three of us are really looking forward to (8) our upcoming trip to the beach.

1-Which dates work for you? ¿Cuáles fechas te sirven?

2-How about….? ¿Qué tal si…?

3-Are you free? ¿Estas libre?

4-Let me check my calendar: Dejame revisar mi calendario

5-Why don’t….? ¿Por qué no…?

6-Let’s get together: vamos a juntarnos

7-What if…? ¿Qué pasa si…?

8-To look forward to something: esperar algo

What else do you want to learn about English?! Write in the comments below or write me at / @monicayourprofe 😊

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