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Boot it! Soccer terms in English

Last Saturday I went to a local restaurant in Idaho to watch Argentina play against Australia in the World Cup. Read more about what happened in this intense game AND learn soccer terms in English below!

I have to say, I was surprised at the turnout for the soccer game at the local Mexican fusion restaurant and bar since American football is usually the main sport that’s playing at restaurants that I’ve been to in Idaho. Almost everyone there was rooting for (9) Argentina, myself included.

Just five minutes into the game there was a debatable handball (5) by Australia that Argentina wanted to be called but the ref just ignored the protests.

Right after I ordered a drink, about fourteen minutes into the game, I heard someone yell, “that was all ball!” (1) when Jackson Irvine was handed a yellow card for a foul against Marcos Acuna. “Irvine barely touched him!” the woman at the table next to us yelled. That’s when I realized that not everyone wanted Argentina to win; there were still a few Socceroos in the restaurant.

I happened to overhear the guy next to me mention that there have been four hat tricks (7) so far in the men’s World Cup. “That’s a lot of hat tricks!” I commented to him. He replied, “Yeah, it was Harry Kane, Muller, Ronaldo and Xherdan Shaqiri. Crazy, isn’t it?!”

Right before halftime, Messi made a magnificent goal in the 34th minute of the game. The ball bounced off Nicolas Otamendi and went to Messi in the box (4). He gave the ball a tap and then curled it into the back of the net (2). Once again, Messi worked his magic and managed to not only score a goal, but also nutmeg (8) one of Australia’s players in the process. We all stood up and cheered ferociously when he scored a goal. Even the little boy running around the restaurant with a Messi jersey was yelling and screaming to celebrate!

In the 57th minute another goal was made by Argentina thanks to Julian Alverez and a fatal mistake made by Australia’s goalie, Matt Ryan. Even though Argentina dominated most of the game, Australia still managed to find the back of the net (2) in the 77th minute of the second half.

The server looked up from the customer he was serving at the table in front of us to yell, “boot it (3) out of there Argentina!” just seconds before Craig Goodwin scored a goal on Argentina's goalie, Emiliano Martinez. This gave the Socceroos hope that they might have a chance at winning! Scoring seemed to reenergize Adjin Hrustic to do a bicycle kick (6) right after Goodwin’s goal.

In the end, even though Australia definitely gave Argentina a run for their money (10) it just wasn’t enough to beat this iconic South American soccer team. So, Argentina will continue on to the next round and possibly be the 2022 men’s World Cup champions.

  1. All ball: cuando un jugador obstaculiza al oponente para robar la pelota, pero solo tocar la pelota y no al oponente. When a player tries to tackle the ball and they only connect with the ball and not the other player

  2. Back of the net: una descripción del balón cruzando la línea y al fondo de la red o es decir un gol. Describing the ball crossing the line and hitting the net of the goal. Basically, another way to say “goal”

  3. Boot the ball: lanzar el balón lo más lejos posible para alejarla. When a player kicks the ball with full power to get it away

  4. The box: La área de 18 yardas (16 metros) frenta la porteria. The 18-yard penalty box in front of the goal box.

  5. Handball: Una infracción cometida cuando la mano o el brazo de una jugadora toca la pelota intencionalmente. A foul when a player’s hand or arm intentionally touches the ball

  6. Bicycle kick / overhead kick: “la chilena” o cuando el jugador salta, levanta sus pies en el aire y en una especie de pedaleo para patear la pelota en la dirección opuesta a la que mira. When a player jumps, throws both their feet in the air and hits the ball in a pedaling motion to launch the ball in the opposite direction they’re facing.

  7. Hat trick: Cuando una jugadora marca tres goles en un mismo partido. When a player scores three goals in one game.

  8. Nutmeg: Cuando un jugador lanza la pelota a través de las piernas de un oponente. When a player kicks the ball through the legs of their opponent

  9. Root for (a person or team): animar o apoyar una persona o un equipo. When someone expresses or shows support for (a person, a team, etc.)

  10. Give (someone or something) a run for their money: hacer sudar tinta / plantearle dura lucha a alguien. To provide someone or something with challenging competition or opposition

What other topics do you want to learn about?! Write in the comments below, contact me ( or follow me (@monicayourprofe) and let me know!

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