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Are you a cat or dog person?

Are you a cat or dog person? Supposedly there’s a significant difference between cat and dog people. The stereotype is that dog people are naturally outgoing and extroverted and cat people are more introverted and reserved. Let’s talk about why people love cats and dogs while also learning how to express different preferences in English.

Some cat people can’t stand (1) dogs and some dog people can’t stand (1) cats. Statistically fifty-two percent of people prefer dogs, twenty percent prefer cats and twenty-seven percent have no preference.

Let’s start with the benefits of having a canine friend. Many dog people are not crazy about (2) cats because they don’t want to deal with cleaning a litter box. Another reason for someone to be a fan of (3) dogs is that dogs train better than cats and are easier to control. In fact, most dogs actually enjoy training! It gives them a sense of purpose and they’re highly motivated by food and attention. A lot of dog owners aren’t crazy about (2) cats because they’re known to be less social and more aloof. I’ve heard dog lovers say they’re keener on (4) dogs than cats because dogs can protect them. Although, playing fetch and tug-of-war is by far one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a dog. Lots of dog people prefer dogs to cats because they adapt better to change and they’re known to be “human’s best friend” for a good reason.

Now, let’s take a look at cats. There are just as many reasons to be crazy about (2) cats as to be crazy about (2) dogs. For starters, cats don’t take up much space. Cats don’t take over the bed or need much room to play and exercise. Many cat owners are keen on (4) their furry little pet because they cost less to take care of compared to a dog. Now, if someone wants a pet to help them get outdoors and get some exercise then cats are probably not their cup of tea (5).

Overall, cats are perfectly content to live 100% indoors because they don’t need walks or exercise. These felines are perfectly content to curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap. After all, we have the term “cat nap” for a reason! Now, we know that many dog owners don’t care for (6) cleaning a litter box but most people would agree that cleaning a litter box is easier than going on daily walks. Don’t forget, another reason people are keen on (4) their feline companions are because they clean themselves, so weekly baths are not necessary.

There you have it. The benefits and drawbacks to owning either a cat or dog. Now, you can decide why you’re a dog person, cat person, neither or both!

1.) Someone can’t stand: thoroughly dislike / no puede soportar

2.) To be crazy about: to be very interested in something or love someone very much / estar loco por algo o alguien

3.) To be a (big) fan of: greatly enjoy or appreciate someone or something / ser un@ fanátic@ o entusiast@ de algo o alguien

4.) To be keen on: very enthusiastic or excited about something or someone / interesad@ en algo o alguien

5.) To not be someone’s cup of tea: to not like something or someone / algo no le va o no le interesa

6.) To not care for: not like someone or something / no le importa o no le interesa

What other topics do you want to learn about?! Write in the comments below or write me or @monicayourprofe and let me know!

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